Style Revamp for 2014: More of This and Less of That…

The best part of starting a new year is purging the obsolete  to make room for the  fresh and workable, whether it is cabinets or closets. Sometimes we get stuck in style rut and  we gravitate to those same two outfits that we reach for every time we go out.  It feels comfortable and what difference does it really make?  But what about all the other gorgeous clothes we have just hanging out waiting for some attention?  Let’s toss the tired, worn out pieces on which we’ve relied  too heavily.  First resolution of the year: pull more great outfits from a closet full of your tasteful fashion investment pieces. The second: Do not buy one more thing until you have done that. The third: make a list of the missing pieces that could have completed a few outfits you could have put together: a silk blouse or pencil jeans. I’ll start with these this year. I have been slowly losing weight over the last year and will lose more before spring. Because I have enough to get me through the winter season, I will wait to buy clothes in the spring when I am smaller. In the meantime I am collecting wardrobe inspiration to use what I have…

While you revamp your own style, check out one of my favorite blogs to see what fashion resolutions they and their friends they are making for 2014: ( reblogged from The CHICago Life Blog)

CHICago’s Fashion Resolutions

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We’re not big fans of overarching, unattainable New Year’s resolutions.  At a certain point it just feels like setting yourself up for failure.  However, we’re always fans of a good closet clean out and the New Year is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have, reevaluate what you need, and make a few “fashion resolutions” for the upcoming year.  We rounded up some of Chicago’s favorite fashionistas and asked them what their fashion resolutions are for 2014.  As always,Jena GambacciniJenn LakeMonika DixonCorri McFaddenHallie DuesenbergHelen BerkunSamantha SleeperDanielle MossAlexis CozziniSamantha Saifer Berngard, and Christina Fan did not disappoint!  What fashion resolutions are you making this year?

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