Perfect Thanksgiving Outfits

If you are anything like me, you’ll spend such an inordinate amount of time thinking about the dish you are taking to the family potluck or actually making Thanksgiving dinner, that what you end up wearing will be a last-minute careless afterthought. And there will be pictures. The dish you’ll make will be scrumptious and well presented but something spells disaster for your personal presentation. Not to worry, my stylish culinairian. Check out these pretty outfits that will present you as well as your dinner. Whether you want comfort or dash, there is something here for every girl (remember to use these as templates for your own wardrobe or shopping trip, i.e.: long sweater, pencil jeans, flat boots, fur collar. You can get these things everywhere or borrow them from a fashionable friend! So fun)…

From :

Thanksgiving 1

With a removable fur collar and a really quality t-shirt underneath, I consider this to be nearly perfect. Where I live, temperatures can stay mild right through Thanksgiving but one never knows. This comfy and great looking outfit lets me take off the collar or the sweater or both if it is warmer. Ic ould take off the sweater and keep the fur collar over the t-shirt if I feel so inclined and still have a good look. Lastly, I might just go casual and wear the tee, a sassy stack of bracelets,jeans, and boots if  somebody needs help in the kitchen or children want some attention.

How cute is this from With Fall color at its peak, why not enjoy wearing a mini with statement necklace, tights and flat boots. All colorful, warm, and easy…


And just because she is a new fashion and beauty muse I found on YouTube, here is a “Get Ready for Thanksgiving with Me, Lo Bosworth.” She is adorable and has lots of inspiring videos besides this one. I loved this outfit and would buy the whole thing if I had the cash. Yes, girls, there are those who dress up for this holiday. Dream on but first, watch this…

Get ready with me

Click this link to view the video …

So, there you have it. Three inspiring outfits for this happy holiday. Something for everyone. Go to your closet, close your eyes, say thank you for everything hanging in there, all of it. Then pull together something pretty. Tie up a scarf you bought and have never ever worn. Put a necklace over a tee-shirt. It will probably look wonderful. Have you ever layered necklaces? It’s opulent. Go on, try it. Nobody’s looking…yet. Happy Thanksgiving.


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