Fall Fashion Preview 2013: J. Crew

Talk about coming a long way…J. Crew went from old-school and cheap in the early 2000’s to quality hipster when Mickey Drexler took control and set Jenna Lyons, now one of the 20 most well-dressed women in the world, as creative head in 2008. I found all this out in a most fascinating article by Danielle Sacks found at this link: http://www.fastcompany.com/3007843/creative-conversations/how-jenna-lyons-transformed-jcrew-cult-brand#2. Go read it for a most unreal, fascinating cinderella story in the fashion/retail world. Anywho, these two pulled J. Crew into a realm of tastemaking where it successfully reigns today. Today’s featured Fall collection is J. Crew. Ever wonder why we ever started wearing our shoes with no socks or hose? J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons started that. Nerdy chic? That’s Jenna.

What is better than going to the J. Crew Fashion Show in person? Nothing. But you can watch it here and get some idea of how to style your nerdy chic self if that’s what you are into. Also, see below this video for a few more classic outfits with J. Crew.


The photo below is from a blog is pretty much dedicated to all things J. Crew: http://abiggercloset.blogspot.com/.


J. Crew updates and remixes the classics like no one else. Whether you are looking for a personal style reboot or replenishing worn, dated basics, let J. Crew be your style resource.


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