Put on Your Clothes…All of Them

In my last post, I had some very nice, reasonably priced athleisure pieces from Walmart. I hope you were able to grab some deals. The pieces when put together make a comfy outfit you can wear to any gym. The pieces were chosen with modesty in mind (the sports bra is meant to be worn under a top). There is no reason to workout wearing practically nothing. Cover yourself and wear a sweet smile.

Since the early sixties, women have been encouraged to go around showing everything while complaining simultaneously that they are being used as sex objects. Duh, girl. That is the perfect oxymoron. Just because someone, you fill in the “who”, tells you to go around in your work life, home life, gym life, and yes, even church life undressed doesn’t mean we have to. Have we been hypnotized to neglect covering ourselves appropriately? I was. I could die a thousand deaths over some of the things I have worn.

No more. Even if my weight is perfect and the clothes are so cute, I will not buy anything revealing. We have all been brain washed by the media and magazines. Even some of our mothers bought this embarrassing lie about public near-nakedness. We forgive them and ourselves.

The other side of this is that the church has allowed some things that they, of all groups, ought to have gently spoken against. Any Women’s ministry worth their salt could easily handle this. Not by gaping and gossipping about those of us who have dressed poorly. Do a class on how to dress. Show the difference in a mock fashion show, etc. There is no need to embarrass or hurt someone’s feelings but draw a line, already.

I’ll never forget the evening when a christian speaker came to our church that unbelievers would definitely want to hear. A muscle bound fellow and his playboy bunny date sat in  front of us in our section. She was wearing a short jacket and hot pants in neon pink.  The leading women of our women’s ministry sat between them and us. I watched them snicker and comment to themselves and their husbands. Why didn’t they go down and invite her to women’s ministry? Obviously she was misguided and could have used some wisdom in dressing more dignified. I learned in church how to be a true woman who loves God. But they just sat judged. Come on, ladies, we can do better.

The church can help confused and misled women to find their true selves but we miss so many opportunities. Even when women show up half naked at church athletic facilities, no one says anything. So I am saying it: PUT ON ALL YOUR CLOTHES when you get up, even at home. Our kids are watching and they will do everything we do.

One really big problem with not only single but married women can be that they have relied on their sexual selves so heavily for social connection that it may actually scare some girls to change the way they dress. You are so much more that your sexuality. Let your sweet self shine and see how much better the response you get from others. Ask the Lord to help you make the change. I have gone through so much lovely transformation, all of it stemmed from a rescuing God who had pity on me and the prayers I prayed that He answered. He will help you with anything. Dressing better is an easy thing to do once you commit yourself to it. The whole fashion internet is at your fingertips. Is there a woman at church you feel you can trust, ask her for some advice. She’ll be delighted to help.

Does this mean that you have to go around looking dowdy? No, no, a thousand times, no. Pinterest can get you inspiring outfit ideas. I collect preppy style images on Pinterest. They are pretty, modest, and comfy. Classic style outfits can work too if you add some statement accessories and pretty shoes/boots.

Bottom line: Respect yourself and others in the way you dress. Cover your most intimate features. They are not for public consumption. Never volunteer to be a sex object.  Never take your inspiration from magazines or tv shows. Do you have a stylish friend? Ask her how to tone it down. Ease into it. You’ll never regret the change.

Here are some examples:

These great pics are from Talbots.com. Adorable and for sale right now. This post is not sponsored.

A few more:




I just wanted to show you a few things to recalibrate your tastes. You can go right to your closet and recreate these or go to their sites and shop.

The most attractive woman has a certain unspoken radiance. She is sure of herself because she knows how loved and treasured she is. If you don’t have that, then go to your church and tell someone that you want to be give your heart to Jesus. Let him take the lead. He loves you and treasures you. You will start to love your life, maybe for the first time. It won’t cost you a dime.


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