Everything We Want is Found in Surrender to the One Who Really Loves Us

Faithfulness. Loyalty. Fidelity. Do these things mean something to you? Before I surrendered my life to the Lord, I may or may not have cared about  faithfulness unless I needed it from others. If I was faithful, it was under the cloud of codependency. Simply put, codependency is where one surrenders themselves to another person or persons and seeks to please them at any cost. Codependency is idolatry. Codependency is not love. It feels like it is but it is a selfish, fearful attempt to wrestle what we need from others that which only God Himself can give.

I remember pouring out my gifts, talent, sometimes money, energy, and hopes onto persons who were so far gone that if there were ten of me, it would not have made any difference to these pitiful sorts. (I apologize to my family for squandering what belonged to them on the undeserving.) If you are not a Christ follower, you may already be wasting valuable personal resources. Women do this with men who have no intention of giving back. We sometimes do this with friends when family has disappointed us. The result is burnout, anger, deep disappointment, and an inner rage at God. It happened to me as a christian! Pretty sad for one who claims to be a child of God. How did I get so mixed up?

This relational pattern went on for years causing crushing depression and an anxiety that never left. After months of reading and proclaiming the truth of the scriptures over me and everything associated with me, I was truly delivered from “people worship.” The wisdom of God for any issue in life built me up and things began to shift and change. Life got better and better. It is still getting better today!

In real time, this change of focus had freeing implications. In the past, if one of my family members hurt me, I could be in depression for months barely able to fulfill my duties. I took everything they did personally. Coming from a background of serious rejection, I never had the strength to withstand any slights. Worse, I never really could internalize when I was being encouraged either. I lived so long in a very dark place. But no more.

By proclaiming the scriptures and promises over my life, I live in strength, patience, joy, ability to overcome, better relationships, and a peace that settles my soul. They deliver me from depression in a very short time. I can say that the promises of God are like powerful vitamins for the soul. The bring identity, peace, and wholeness.

Today I give my faithfulness, trust, loyalty to those who deserve it. I take the time to wait and see if a person is trustworthy. Sometime I still make mistakes. There are a lot of phonies out there. Don’t be upset if you have been deceived by one. Forgive them, put some distance between you, and go on with the relationships you can count on. Expecting anyone to never fail you is unwise. I mess up and so will they. But we have the fix…confession and forgiveness. With God, there is always a loving remedy for the trials that beset us. I once went years without any serious friendship because I realized that I was not good at it. I also went years without dating because I wasn’t good at it. If only I had the promises of scripture and their power then to teach me these things. But God had me and was getting me through until I could receive His instructions and not fight Him on it.

While I was without friendship and mate, I continued to live, trusting my god that He would sustain me with out these things. He came through beautifully…best Dad in the world!

What’s my point here? First, our loyalty and relationship gifts are meant for those who can return them. No one wants to be yoked to an unfit partner. Ask god if this person is fit for friendship. Second, surrender to the Lord all of these relationship gaffs and wait for Him. He will make everything right again. Third, it has to begin with us. Shedding codependency and its idolatrous patterns is not an easy business. The last thing people want to do is to look at themselves and take responsibility for their part.  Repent and ask God to fill you with His love. Dear friend, it is worth it.

In the next post, I will give you a primer on how to pray the promises of God. Buckle up! Life is about to take a turn for the better…

It’s what we put into our spirits that define our character and help us to overcome. Just the same, it’s what we put into our bodies that define our health and appearance.

Here are a few things that have helped me stay healthy and vital:

Emergen-C This nutrient packed drink mix keeps me virus and bacteria free by boosting my immune system. If I feel like something is trying to hijack my system, I take it three times a day. Never failed yet to keep me well.

Nutritional Yeast: I sprinkle this on cooked vegetables. It adds fiber and some B vitamins…superfood!

Vitamin Supplements: Prenatals contain the big major vitamins so I prefer to use them though I am not pregnant.

None of my blogs are sponsored. These are mere suggestions so use critical thinking before following any advice. Do your own research.

Thank you for stopping to check out this post. See you in the next one…

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