Building a Fresh Spring Basic Wardrobe

In  the last post, new style resolutions for 2014 set the focus for re-styling ourselves this year. Taking stock and refocusing at the beginning of the year remains a valuable task. None of us are at the same place we were last year and some of us are not the same size or shape.  My daughter had twins last year so she’s just getting her hormones back in balance and finding that she has a curvy shape however much slimming she has done, Over the last year my shape has gained some definition so I gave lots of my older clothes away. Some of us faced metabolic changes and know that we need clothes that give due attention to our best features. Much of what we  have left  in our closets is a definite “fail”.

In that spirit, here are my first few offerings  items I have purchased to add basics back into my depleted cache. Some of the brands may surprise you. They surprised me.

Kardashian Jeans:

I have the irresistible urge to claim that “I am not a trash-ball”, but maybe I am. All I know is that these reasonably priced jeans look so good that several women have actually told me how good they look. Even more important than that, I think I look good in them. They come in three styles, of course, KIM, KOURTNEY, and KHLOE. At full price. sold at Sears, they sell for $58 and on sale for $28.  There is a style for your figure but you MUST go, pick up  a pair in every style and shape in the size you think you wear and then one size up (come on), go into the dressing room (alone,) and put every single pair on. Get serious about shopping. This is how it is done. I would not take my clothes off to try on anything unless I walked into the dressing room with everything I intended to try on. It is too much trouble, too emotional, and fraught with too much disappointment to go in that poorly lit “cell” without a sufficient number of items to at least give yourself a good chance to come out with one nice item. Think like a styist.

Kim jaquard

I love these. the subtle pattern is modern and flattering. They are still available…

Kim skinny

These come in several denim finishes and look good…

I will close it out for now and send you more lovely new additions I found at a good price tomorrow. I gotta go teach my Pilates class…


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