Spring Trend Alert: How to Wear Bermuda Shorts

They sound simple enough…bermuda shorts. If you go out and buy a pair without a few important guidelines, you are sure to be disappointed when you put them on. Given: tall thin women will look good in shorts made from a flour sack (but they will NOT be comfortable). For the rest of us, we have “considerations” as we choose our berms. First, a cuff is not a good idea unless it hits the part of your thigh that flatters them. If I had larger thighs than I’d like, I might wear a cuffed berm that hits just below the thickest part of my thigh. Why? Because the wide cuff will balance out and detract from the wideness above it. Example:

berm 19

This cuff hits too low and flares at the knee. I’ve tried to think on whom shorts flaring at the knee looks good and I come up with “no one”. It’s just baggy…

berm 20

These shorts hit between the knee and the thickest part of the thigh, balancing out the shape of the leg and making it look good.

berm 21

Long and tapered inward at the bottom these shorts are ideal. They come in two other colors. Do not wear these shoes with them unless you have a health reason to do it. Better choices would be stacked sandals, adorable ballet slippers, and, best of all, wedges.

berms 19

Bermudas from macys.com for $39.99 aslo have the right length and they style them with wedge sandals…compare with the look above. So much better…

berms 20

Another style from Macy’s just a smidge shorter but still really good. The fit These can be belted but don’t saw yourself in half with a dark belt. $45.50

berms 21

These INC Bermudas are the same shorts as above but with a view of whole outfit.

berms 22

More preppy style but still works. This style would be so good on wider thighs because they are looser at the knee. A nice ballet flat or wedge finishes the look. Find these at Macy’s for $24.99…

berms 1

I love these two colors together and they are slimming and fresh. A fashion note: fitted on top and loose on bottom or loose on top and fitted on bottom, referring to how to match tops to bottoms. These are pleated and pleats are a poor choice of most of us. Go for flat fronts as above. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/search.sets?

berms 2

Talk about fresh and happy…light pink with white berms, believer it or not, are slimming as well. I like the whole thing…Polyvore

berms 8

Oh so dreamy! Metallic wedges, yellow and tangerine, necklace that pick up both colors and a metallic hobo( I might not go for metallic in both shoes and bag but whatever)…sweet! Polyvore

berms 6

The red and the dark blue, very slimming and so is the white and (I think) seersucker berms. Floral is big this year, too, but be wise with it…Polyvore

berms 15

I love this. Note that the earrings’ design ties into the embroidery on the shirt. Genius. Metallic wedges might be a good investment this spring/summer.

berms 10

Neutrals make a great outfit with berms. Adding a third piece makes this outfit more important so you can wear it to lunch or to your child’s school function without looking like you just finished gardening and cleaning…Polyvore

berms 14

Another neutral look that is as good for running errands as it would be for vacation. Those wedges are so freakin’ pretty. Polyvore

I could go on and I may on another post. For now that should move you into Bermuda shorts confidence whether wearing or shopping for them. Because it’s still too early for a real suntan, think about some nice self tanner.  Warning: read the directions or risk botching up your tan. Here are a few reliable ones:


This one gets you tan overnight with one application. It looks weird after application but then you sleep in it and wash off the residue for a nice brown tan. There is always that girl who not only won’t read and follow directions, but then she repeats the same mistake the next day with this product. Use it once, shower and moisturize the next day, and check your color. I recommend that you wait two or three days before reapplying. Buy here: Sally Beauty and see reviews here: Project Wedding. You can always trust a bride to tell you the truth…

tanner 1

This tanner has been around forever so you know it will work.Twice as expensive as Toma, the directions are the same as Toma’s so read and follow to the letter. The initial color is not the base color. Fake Bake and Toma are not for the impulsive…

I tried the original Clarins formula and didn’t like the orangish color for MY skin but it mayby be fine on you. You can use it and then get dressed.

tanner 2

Clarins is $45 but it does deliver. Macy’s

tanner 3

For $8.99 a tube, you can get a light blush of color with Jergens. If you are in a hurry with not a lot to invest in self tanning, this is just right for you. Target

Time to get out the shorts or go shopping. If your old shorts are not good, please give them away and get yourself at least one pair of new Bermudas. Not sure about them? Send me a pic and we’ll discuss possibilities for your look…

   Options, options, options!


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