The Saturday Style

Saturdays back in the day used to be so easy. We slept late. We ate pancakes for brunch. We grocery shopped. We did the laundry. By six o’clock, we were ready for a lazy Sunday. Does it seem to you that Saturdays are laden with so much more stuff to do now than ever?

Just try to fit in your devotional on top of all that. Where? When? How?

My love-hate relationship with doing devotionals tortured me for years. Listening to others talk about it gave me the hives. You had to do it first thing in the morning. I can’t think until I sip two cups of coffee. You have to spend a certain amount of time on it or it won’t be good enough. Everyday is a little different so I may or may not get to it. Then the guilt sets in and I feel less than other “better” christians. Legalism around the topic of devotions can turn us off. What’s legalism? It is dependence on moral law rather than on personal religious faith. Keeping the religious checklist. What a gross miscarriage of faith life.

I solved this by creating a free wheeling devotional wardrobe. That, simply put, is having my devotional materials and bibles in every place I might have a few minutes to give the Lord. I love Him and I want to be mindful of my relationship with Him. I have books in the car (a great place), at my desk, next to me on the couch, next to the bed, in my purse, and on my phone. This way, whenever I have a few minutes, I can pray some scriptures, read some verses, or just sit and tell Him how much I love Him and what I need help with. I have wonderful scripture devotions for my husband and my children that I hate to miss praying. If I know I can’t get any time during the day, I will put on YouTube bible verses or an John Eckhardt scripture promise book audio while I am getting dressed. Read them driving on the way somewhere (hubs is driving), waiting in a doctor’s office, at night by the bed, after dinner (tv will waits for me now), or in the few minutes at lunch. By the time you add it up, you can rack up half an hour in bits and pieces. See?! If we drop the stupid rules people try to give us, we can creatively find the time for our precious Lord. That’s the point.

By the way, God met with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening every day. What’s wrong with following that lead? Not one thing.

So go on, girl, get  happy. You can do this…after pancakes, at the game, standing in line at the grocery, listening in the car , with the kids before bed. Sweet!

My Saturday style starts with athleisure wear. If I am not paying attention, I can go for days without actually putting on real clothes. So the best thing is to make my leggings work for me. In cooler months, a scarf and a pretty sweater over your t-shirt and leggings with a nicer pair of shoes or boots can turn my sporty self into my stylish self in a few steps. Add some nice drop earrings with a wrist bangle and I am good to go. I teach pilates so this is a reminder to me to add some day wear to my workout gear. Let’s face facts. If I leave the house in my prettiest clothes, I will never make the gym or an exercise class. This works any day of the week. If you work at an office, you will have to take a gym bag and leave it in the car all the time. If possible, slip on your leggings and go for a walk on your lunch break (listening to scripture while you walk).

Walmart is doing a clearance sale on athleisure clothing for some super low prices. I picked out a few pieces to show you with links…

A word about the ankle socks. I have been going sockless with my athletic shoes and it has cost me a pair of my favorite shoes. My friend wears them all the time so I decided to get myself some. Love, love love them. Give them a try.

This list makes a complete workout set for under $60.

Dress yourself in your nice athleisure wear and add some key pieces to transition to other functions. Dress your spirit everyday with a few minutes of devotion here and few there and leave the guilt behind. Now that’s great Saturday style!

The links are live so hurry on over and get some stuff before it’s all gone.

This post contains no affiliate links. No sponsored content in this post.

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