Who is that woman?

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Saturday night as I was dressing for a fun night out to, first, a wedding and then to a dinner with friends. The dress code  for the night was business casual...not too dressy but not casual. I chose a pair of nice black pants but when I went to choose a top, nothing was working. The pants had a loose leg which called for a fitted top. At this weight, that was not an option. I ended up with a pretty jewel toned green top but it was also loose fitting.If you know outfit rules then you know that with few exceptions, always pair a fitted top with loose pants or fitted pants with a loose top. I looked in the mirror and my mood fell. For the first time that I can remember. I was dressed like an old woman with no taste. Insert scream here...

I knew that I had no other options so I just went as I was. I was fine but I am still haunted by the position I put myself in. I began this blog as a fashion blogger who knew the rules and used them to look pretty good. Yet, I have lost my edge. I miss my pretty, well-dressed self. How did that happen and who is that woman?

Let’s start with me taking 100% responsibility for this…situation. First, I have been gaining weight for the last 5 years, going up then down then up, blah, blah, blah. That stops now. Second,I shop with no plan in mind. I buy a top because I like it, nevermind that I have no idea how I will wear it. Third, I do not have a plan for the outfits in my closet. How many time have I tried to get dressed quickly and stood looking into the abyss of my closet with a blank stare until I am nearly late and dressed shabbily. Insert groan here…

Without a plan, I am sure to fail again. No more flying by the seat of my very bad pants. Let’s talk plans.

Since the primary problem is weight, I am working the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. Talking with a friend about the best way to cut back calories without a huge headache, Weight Watchers just kept coming up. Neither of us want to count anything. On the Freestyle plan, the list of free zero-point foods is gloriously long. When you look at the list, you may say to yourself, as I did, “this is good.” Here is a link that will show the list. Prepare for excitement: https://goo.gl/images/7ApWVp/ from Emily Enchanted blog.

The next challenge is really stupid shopping. I might venture to say that the whole fashion industry profit line relies on women who buy things they can’t use. I feel ridiculous just admitting that. But, the first step to fashion recovery is admitting that you have a problem. I do. The second step means that I don’t buy anything that doesn’t pair attractively with what I already own. Seriously, that is about as basic as shopping gets. I commit to soberly choose only outfit completers. Is that a word?

Finally, I will go into my closet and put together one outfit for each of the occasions in which I find myself during the week. What am I even talking about? I know that I am going to work out at least three times so I know I have to have three clean workout outfits ready to wear. i washed and folded them and they are all in the same drawer. I will meet friends at least twice during the week for coffee or bible study so i need two cute outfits for that. i choose three pieces for each outfit. Three pieces make an outfit look more important (note to self). Also, choose the shoes and jewelry. Immediately, as I was coordinating the ensemble, I saw that I had the wrong shoes. Yikes! Do not go out in the wrong shoes. Yes, people notice. Keep control of your impression on people. My personal style is a billboard telling others who I am. That goes for friends, too. First item on the new shopping list is shoes to match. This is a great secret of stylists. Now I need two outfits that are sort of dressy. I have already established that I need a new fitted top for my loose fitting pants. On the list it goes. To make sure that I look good in a more fitted top, I will add a statement necklace. That lifts the eye away from any feature that is not as attractive as I might like to a lovely accessory. Photograph the outfit for later reference. So there it is. I can now get dressed without panic. I can shop without buying useless items. I can look really good and fresh because I have followed the rules of fashion.For more help with personal style, I recommend The Rachel Review on YouTube:https://youtu.be/XyNbiSxoGIU and here is the blog address: http://www.TheRachelReview.com

This is a simple example from the Carlisle Collection:

Etcetra shows a nice three piece casual outfit:

Anthropologie: https://images.anthropologie.com/is/image/Anthropologie/4113383100009_049_b?$an-category$&qlt=80&fit=constrain

That about wraps it up. I feel stronger because I have a direction and I am taking responsibility. Here are my affirmations for this post:

1) I will eat from the vast list of great food on the freestyle program.
2) I will buy only what completes what I already own and looks pretty.
3) I will look at my phone to choose a preselected outfit to save time and feel confident.

These rules release everything good for me and stop needless mistakes. The only thing I’ll miss is looking like an old woman who has no taste.

Note: Photos are no longer free so I gave links to helpful examples. None of this content is sponsored.

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