Fall/Winter Fashion Preview 2013/2014 Banana Republic: Issa

The Limited Issa Edition Collection for Banana Republic comes out on August 8, 2013. Their collection centerpiece is inspired by the blue wrap dress that Issa designed for Kate Middleton’s engagement seen here:


Now that is pretty…

The Issa London Collection from Banana Republic on sale August 8, 2013:


br fall 1

Count on BR for easy work pairings that translate to weekend wear…

br fall 2

A simple chinos and loose shirt duo gets a lift with stacked bracelets and a skinny belt.

br fall 3

Emerald green is still the color of the year for 2013 so Bravo! to BR for working it with a savvy large houndstooth skirt. The necklace keeps the focus coming back to the face…and a bracelet stack is always great looking.

But, hey, it’s still summer and this dress is still my favorite dress of the season. The entire outfit is from Banana Republic, as are all the clothes and accessories in this post.

br dress

All photos in ths post are from Banana Republic.


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