More Fall Previews for 2013 – Ann Taylor and Loft and Outfit of the Day

Ann Taylor has spoiled me forconservative fashion with an edge but when I looked at their fall collection, I sat stunned. It’s just awful. For the record, I forgive them and expect them to recover from the drunken stupor someone was in when they approved this collection. Don’t believe me? See:

Ann Taylor Fall 2013 Preview 60

What the heck is that? She’s embarrassed and hopes she can go home soon…

loft 2013

loft 2013 1

Here is the thing: though I love dramatic fashion and statement pieces and will do a trend every season, I am still a fairly every day chic kind of woman. This is the most boring, under done collection I have seen yet as a fashion blogger. Where are the colors of the year? Where are the details that excite?

Ann Taylor Fall 2013 Preview 12

If I threw my grandma’s jewelry box on the floor, fell on it with a glue gun, and then put it on my neck, it would look something like this. As my bottom lip quivers, I resign myself to wear last year’s statement pieces. They look like someone cared before they crafted them.

Once I started breathing again, I hopped on over to Loft to see if style sustenance might there be found. No, I left hungry and cranky. Think I’m kidding? Sad, dull greens, disappointing greys, nudes, taupe, oxblood, you have to see it to believe it. None of the wonderful colors of the year (see my post, just a lifeless palette, polka dots,and left over lace. I don’t sponsor any retailer here, so I can tell it the way I see it. Karolina Kurkova notwithstanding, I expect the next season’s offerings to rise to the fresh and interesting clothes Loft usually offers. Kate Hudson is suspiciously absent from this marketing campaign…no wonder.

cham 15


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