More Options for the Apple-shaped Figure

Anytime someone comments on a blog topic on which they would like more information, my research instincts go into action. Dressing for your body type consists of as much science as art. When  a topic like apple-shaped figures pops up, some will assume that only plus size women will be interested but that opinion falls short. You can be apple-shaped at any size because of genetics and hormones (fat distribution changes as hormones shift during  a lifetime). That’s what determines whether you become apple, pear, rectangle, or hourglass  shaped. So relax, decide which one you are, educate yourself on the best styles for you, and, most importantly, discipline yourself to buy and wear what is most beautiful on you. Here is a quick sketch of the four body shapes (there can be more shapes, but let’s keep it simple for now):


You’ll be surprised at who the apple-shaped celebs are: apple

Rosie O’Donnell, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Zeta-Jones,  Jennifer Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley, Queen Latifa, Jessica Simpson,  and Drew Barrymore. There are a couple of women in the above montage whose names escape me.  You can see how these celebs treat their apple shapes and use their styling to inform your own shopping and dressing. If you are a plus size apple shape, there are some other things to keep in mind. Apple shaped women of age have even other considerations. I don’t expect that all women will use all the guidelines for apple-shaped dressing. A few things to keep in mind: keep your hemlines right at the knee or just below in the middle of that little curve. A-line skirts, the structured pencil skirt with no belt loops or belt buckles. Empire waist tops on dresses will lift the line away from your waist to a more flattering area.  Boot cut, straight leg, and flat front pants in bright colors are a good pick and even some printed pants, so on trend this year would work nicely.  If you have print on the bottom, do a solid empire waisted top. V-necked tops, rich detailing on the neckline, ombre with the darker shade on the bottom, and flared sleeves all add to a well-balanced figure. A dress with empire waist, a wrap dress, dresses with a bias cut, the v-necked dress, dresses with a structured shoulder, and lots of detailing on top make the best choices.

apple 1

This maxi with bias striping distracts from defining waist lines and the sleeveless jean jacket cuts a new waistline. So on trend, pretty and comfortable…still on sale at Macy’s for only $59

apple 2

You might not have chosen this but look how fabulous her figure looks in this! The horizontal stripes bring balance to the bottom of her figure while the navy belted blazer slims her waist. Nice styling…

apple 3

The solid lighter maxi brings attention to the bottom half while the scarf jacket angles the eye away from the waist.The statement necklace draws the eye toward the face and the remaining accessories pull this look totally together.

apple 4

Layered leggings are magic for apple girls…


The wrap top over skinny or boot cut bottoms does all the right things for apple girls.


This collage  gives examples for every kind of detail that makes apple girls look pretty: belts with importance, funky and interesting shoes, pants that flare at the knee, tops with flair around the neck and face, scarf hems, empire waisted tops and dresses, and even swimsuits and workout wear. You’ll be able to put together your own outfit of the day from here.

Try these guidelines next time you go shopping. To be sure it works for you before you buy it, take a selfie in the dressing room, go have a cup of something, look at the pic, and then decide if it rocks your shape. If not, save your money for something that does. Now, get out there, apples, and  get your best look on!


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