Catching Up With Gwyneth

I don’t know when I fell for Gwyneth but I just like her. I enjoy her blog, Goop, and ususally take away some useful tidbit. She seems to be a genuine family person which is always appeals. She introduced the world to Tracy Anderson who is among the top trainers in Hollywood and has  international studios as well. I bought her newest cookbook. The clean eating aspect of it attracted me and the few recipes I made were delish. Anywho, here are some of her latest looks…


(source: InStyle) Wearing Prabal Garung at the Liscensing Expo in Las Vegas, the ruffle detail around the top of the arms flatters and redirects the eye to lovelier areas.


(source: InStyle) Opening a Goop event this summer, Prabal Garung is again the designer of choice, contrasting edgy leather accessories with silk charmeuse.


(source: InStyle) One thing Paltrow and I share is a love of black and white. This chic and simple set with that incredible statement clutch punctuated with edgy nude sandals qualifies as perfect in my fashion vernacular. the top is by Barbara Bui.

I could go on but restraint is the rule in really good fashion as Gwyneth models in every photo. Which fashion icons inform your style?


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