Banana Republic’s Newest Designer Collection- Sneak Peek

Once again, Banana Republic snaps up a talented designer who actually makes clothes we want to wear. Milly is a vintage inspired designer but here I see her vintage landing around 1960’s-1970’s something which happens to be my favorite fashion era. The clothes from that era actually made you look good. I have several style icons and two of them are wearing  Milly: Maria Menounos and Olivia Palermo. Just look:

Maria Menounos wearing a Banana Republic Milly Collection dress

Lovely Maria Menounous…Banana Republic Women’s Sale

Olivia Palermo taking her dog for a stroll in NYC wearing the new Banana Republic Milly shorts

My other style maven is Olivia Palermo, utterly Italian, and divinely gorgeous…wearing Milly for Banana Republic…Banana Republic Women’s Sale.


These cute shorts have an elephant print on them. If I just looked at them on the rack, I might pass them over but here, they are tres` stylish!Banana Republic Women’s Sale


Milly’s fashion sketch…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


Oh, just look at these…Banana Republic Women’s Sale

br 11

Zoe Saldana wore this just the other day…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


Zoe is so sweet in this dress and she topped it with a white blazer…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


Wear this with the neon and silver bag below…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


Gee that’s pretty…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


Do you love? Simole plain white shirt tucked into gorgeous print shorts (all the rage this year) and look at her necklace. Want to see it close up? See next photo…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


They have it in blue, too. Just look at the next pic…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


I’m just sayin’…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


If you don’t rock a necklace, would you consider a colorful bauble or two…Banana Republic Women’s Sale


I know…delicious! Banana Republic Women’s Sale

So here is the deal: these items will only be for sale beginning on Thursday May 30th at select Banana Republic Stores. So to get any of these wondrous (they go from $24.50 to $175) pieces, you’ll have to buy on-line if none of these locales is where you live. Check out the deals they are offering:


If you don’t have a BR, BAP, or Old Navy card, you might want to jump on it tonight to save a big hunk of money on the Milly Collection. Gotta go…


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