The Saturday Style – Outfit of the Day

It’s been a bit soggy lately so rainboots or Wellies are the perfect accessory for puddle jumping. I adore this easy, all-day errands, kid’s ballgames, lunch with the fam, kind of look. You really must visit this girl’s blog, Atlantic-Pacific…she is a vision and has the most wondrous taste in clothing:


A wide striped dress over a long chambray shirt or tunic, a denim trench, and some apple green wellies…so happy! Please do not forego the sunflowers in your nude tote…she folded her chambray cuffs over the trench sleeve, too.

I found a dress like the striped one above at: The also have some green rain boots. Macy’s has a trench coat alot like this one.

Happy Saturday!


4 thoughts on “The Saturday Style – Outfit of the Day

    • Thank you for the gracious nomination for the Liebster. I read your post “When Your Best isn’t Enough”. Anyone who has a dream feels this way, sometimes for longer than we want. Don’t let go unless you know there is something better waiting for you. I so appreciate your vulnerability…

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