Mother’s Day Gifting- Make it Fun for Mom

I’m glad we still honor mothers and in that spirit, we offer inspirations for gift ideas:

Land’s End always offers the classic styles lots of Moms will enjoy. Right now, you get 40% off any regular item. We think these are fun:


This soft handkerchief of a top works swell over these white pants for the mom with a romantic style. We love the checked head band, too…
Shop all your favorites at Lands’ End with Free Shipping on orders over $50.

LE 1

These chino shorts are pretty much standard fare for summer styling. Northern beaches make a sweater a good choice but in the south, we’ll take a tank top or shirt like the one below…

Shop all your favorites at Lands’ End with Free Shipping on orders over $50.

LE 4

I just posted about the wonders of a chambray shirt and here is yet another easy to wear style. How good would this look with the chinos above? Click the icon to buy:

Lands' End Logo

LE 2

Okay, love it all…paisley shorts (printed shorts are so in), the cardi ( a truly multi-functional piece), and those shoes! Wedges are a big deal right now but I haven’t seen any cuter than these…
Lands' End Logo

I love a great book for any holiday and we like a few really neat ones out right now. My daughter is having twins so this new book by Jessica Alba would be a great pick:

Jessica has said that she herself was overcome with allergies and just deduced that her babies wouldn’t do well under the assault of environmental pollutants.This is the way she deals with allergy issues. Love her…

Gwynneth Paltrow is the most beautiful woman in the world. Deal with it. I happen to really like her and her new book. I just got it last weekend and right now I am eating one of her morning porridges – delicious! Go see and treat your mom to a healthy POV with gorgeous photos:

Tibi offers a more upscale and refined style like this:


Love! New Arrivals click here.


The all-silk tank dress flows beautifully over all shapes…add some hotty totty shoes, statement earrings or necklace and bam! New Arrivals click here.

Get her some statement earrings (you know she needs an update so help a mom out):


You don’t have to be a mom to need these…fabulous! New Arrivals click to buy.

So, it’s Tuesday. Hurry up and you can still get these very cool gifts. Happy Mother’s Day!


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