New! Warby Parker 1922 Collection and Gatsby-Inpsired Outfit of the Day

1922-couple-v2 (1)

With “The Great Gastsby” premiering on May 1oth, Warby Parker timed their 1922 Collection launch perfectly . The tasteful brain-child of vintage and contemporary aesthetic makes these frames über wearable. Think Hemingway meets Topher Grace. The most amazing thing? Well,  two, actually. First, these boldly styled glasses are only $95 per pair. Second, for every pair purchased, one pair is given away to someone in need. Click any image to make them yours…

1922-solo (1)

Porter Sun Gimlet Tortoise

Where else can you get five free pair of glasses for five days sent to your home to decide which ones you want to buy? Nowhere else…


Duke Gold


Duke Silver


Joplin Gold


Joplin Silver


Joplin Sun Gold


Joplin Sun Silver


Porter Gimlet Tortoise


Porter Whiskey Tortoise


Porter Sun Gimlet Tortoise


Porter Sun Whiskey Tortoise

Set yourself apart from the masses with any of these refined and very cool frames…at


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