Warby Parker Summer 2013 – Try, Buy, Give and Outfit of the Day

warby 4

Who wears Warby Parker? Is that Ryan Gosling? Well ,yes, indeed it is…
From Warby Parker Facebook Page

warby 2

Unknown, very handsome man wearing Warby’s…
http://www.warbyparker.com by Danielle Levitt

Check out the Full Collection at Warby Parker 2013 Collection $95

For more Bohemia, go to:  http://pinterest.com/warbyparker/a-bohemian-beach-getaway-summer-2013-collection/ for a contextual glimpse at the full collection.

warby 5

Designer Rachel Roy and her Warby’s

More  styles:


Boyd in Marbled Charcoal

paley-optical-whiskey-tortoise-frontPaley in Whiskey Tortoise

ainsworth-optical-elderberry-frontAinsworth in Elderberry (love the Easter egg colors!)

arthur-optical-green-spruce-frontArthur in Green Spruce

sims-optical-violet-magnolia-frontSims in Violet Magnolia

Oh, did we mention the take home program?  You can try 5 pairs at home for 5 days free? You may also want to know that for every pair they sell, they give away one pair to someone in need. So we get to look good and do good at the same time…Yes!

warby 6

Outfit of the Day: Chambray shirt, dark denim, color print scarf, and tan ballet flats and…wait, is she wearing Warby’s?!


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