The Glorious Maxi Dress – Outfit of the day

Wornthroughcom., an academic fashion site, states that Oscar de La Renta in 1968 was the first contemporary designer to design a floor length dress. How wondrous that he offered this new vision in the wake of the mini dress.  I imagine it was a welcomed addition to the fashion menu of the day after the impossibly short lengths we were all wearing (enduring?…).  Other designers followed suit and added the brilliant maxi coat. Today this lovely frock has innumerable interpretations, practically one for every girl…

maxi 12

I’m always attracted to zigzag patterns so I love this. It also comes in blue and white and is only $68. Why they showed those shos with this, I’ll never know but don’t wear them. Look closely…they look old ladyish. Try flat sandals or wedges to finish the look. Oh, yeah, add some statement jewelry, too. See below…

free people

Love this  stacked necklace from Free People with a pop of aqua to set it off…

Fabulous Accessories at!

free people 1

Fabulous Accessories at!
Sandals with the aqua color repeated in the shoe details will look so pretty peeking out under your maxi!

I am not finished with the maxi dress so you’ll see more styling that includes maxis and company in the days ahead. Haven’t tried a maxi dress yet? They make us ALL look good!


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