Swim Suits and Jellies: 10 things to Know Before You Buy

Yeay! It’s getting closer to beach, pool and lake weekends. I bet your suit from last year isn’t going to thrill for the coming summer. If you plan to buy a new swimsuit, then you might want to think about these things first:

1. If you have shorter that desired legs, buy a suit with a high cut over the hip. That helps elongate your legs.

2. Choose a color that flatters you skin…black is not always the best choice for a swim suit.

3. A small bikini elongates your torso.

4. If you have a small or flat behind, then buy bottoms that have horizontal print or a ruffle detail to balance you out.

5. To minimize a large bust , think halter, underwire, and darker colors.

6. If your bust is smaller, wear lighter colors, Patterns, ruffles, or ruching on the top.

7. If you have larger hips, get  suit with a lot of detail on top.

8. Unless you are 13-18 years old, get a suit with a substantial lining and built-in cups. the shelf bra suit may save you money, but you will look just awful.

9. Use the size number as a starting place for trying on suits but don’t go by the size to select it. Go for a great fit no matter the size, especially when considering

your bust size.

10. An adjustable strap is really a plus.

You need to INVEST in a swim swimsuit. If you are going to put yourself out there half-naked, buy the best suit/suits you can afford. I have actually seen thinner women looking like they are wearing a baggie because they didn’t look take the time to examine how they looked with that suit on. always try on your suit (with panties on, of course) and wash it before wearing it. You don’t know where that suit has been!

Check out these awesome one piece swimsuits:

swim 5

I can’t think of any figure that this suit wouldn’tlook good on. It does all the right things and it’s glamourous, too.

swim 6

This beach tote is the perfect accessorie for this glam suit.

swim 7

I have a shorter torso so this style not only makes my lwegs look longer but elongates my body in a wonerful way. Don’t forget to put sunscreen under the mesh part…

swim 8

This color can be so-o-o flattering and I really find that straps that come over the shoulders can be more comfy. You shoud see the back of this suit…gorgeous!

swim 9

Serioulsy, is this pretty or what? Ruching down the front pulls the belly flat amd flatters a smaller bust.

swim 10

Tall and thin? This bandeau top and 60’s style paisley print bikini is a stand out.

swim 11

I mentioned in the list above about ruffle detailing for small hips or butt and this bikini fills that order. The twist bandeau is nice for a small bust, too.

swim 12

This halter top is great for the fuller busted gal. Plus, you can buy it separately from the bottoms below…

swim 13

How cute are these? Still a little hip peeking out but some very nice coverage for the derriere!

swim 14

This is brilliant…cascading ruffles are so figure enhancing. I’s not that crazy for tankinis but I totally love this one.

swim 15

The color blocking makes this look almost like a one piece but it’s a tankini.

swim 16

This crochet cover up has gold thread shot through it so it shimmers…love it.

swim 17

Braided around the neck and on the waist, this tomato orange cover up is adorable.

I promised you Jellys and here they come. I really want to wear a great shoe to the beach but it never is practical. Jellys are so cute now. Look:


Yes, it’s true…Jelly’s have gone designer. Do you love? I do. These look so good that you could wear them with dresses and shorts, too.

jelly 1

Also in coral and black, this floral Jelly is so sweet…

jelly 2

An elegant bow with gold detailing makes this coral Jelly so sophisticated.

jelly 3

I hope you have found some inspiration for swimsuit shopping. I have already chosen and ordered mine. Don’t you just love to get packages in the mail?




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