Prom: The Most Exciting Event of the Year, Pt. 2

Last post, we showed short prom dresses but long prom gowns are still fabulous. Now an online store will rent you a Red-Carpet style gown. Meet Rent the Runway:


I am just the kind of girl who would scoop up this shopportunity. What looks good for this year?


I know for a fact that Angelina Jolie wore something like this to the Oscars. How perfect! At $125.00, you would look like the dreamy girl you want to look like…


$130 for this silver gown…wow


Sweetheart neckline and pearly pink make a delicious whip of a gown and only $110.


Another gorgeous pick with crossover detail under the sequined bust for $11o.

Each dress is suitable for high school or college women. pay attention top the shoes and accessories shown for each dress and you will know what accessories to buy for your look.  I have a great prom makeup video from one of my favorite YouTube gurus, Blair Fowler. Check her out:


Oh, to be going to the prom…


One thought on “Prom: The Most Exciting Event of the Year, Pt. 2

  1. This year also sees a wide attraction for metallic fabrics, beadings and feathers as opposed to last year’s strapless looks. There are special dressings to be won in wedding and special places to hold wedding ceremonies. These are a good idea for inexpensive wedding dresses.

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