Prom – The Most Exciting Event of the Year Pt 1.

I remember Prom like it was yesterday. Waiting in the months and weeks before it for someone to ask you, deciding what to wear, and, finally, what salon was going to style my updo. I had an extra something going for me. My mother, the model, had a closet full of the latest in after-5:00 wear. For one prom, I chose a red mini “Star Trek” inspired dress with silver sheer hose and silver pumps. It wasn’t going to be the last time I stood out from all the other girls. Sadly, about five of them were wearing the same dress. The last time I went to prom, my Dad treated me to a silver formal pantsuit. It was a total standout. The tunic top had a jeweled embellishment on the empire waist and the pants were flowy and mostly sheer. Honestly, it was a waste of fabulosity on a Prom but I dazzled.

The prom Queens of today have a wider selection of styles and there is a dress that is perfect for every body type.  Let’s see what kinds of loveliness are available to her today. Back in the day, I was the ONLY one wearing a mini dress to my first prom but now everybody does it.

This dress is a multi-colored sequin strapless that will flatter most skin tones. Pair it with a gold cuff and some glittering high-heeled sandals and you have a knock out look. Like these stunners…

prom 2

(Photo from JustFab)

This next look is a little more demure in the hottest kind of way. Teal with sequin bands in front will rock your long, gorgeous legs, if you add these to finish…


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