Fresh “Statement Necklace” Crop and Outfits of the Day

The statement necklace continues to hold its importance on the fashion scene and I am thrilled. Necklaces used to be something I bought and then decided I didn’t want a necklace after all. Pinterest got me hooked on statement necklaces. One day, as I walked past the window of Charlotte Russe, I spied  one of the illusive treasures, went in, and immediately bought three for me and three for my daughter. It’s been Kismet ever since. Now that I have a shorter bob haircut a la Katie Holmes(see Spring Trends  post),  a necklace makes more sense because you can’t really see my earrings.  Anywho, I offer to the novice a view of some current offerings and outfits of the day featuring this fun accessory:


Azure drops for $25 JEWELIQ

jeweliq 3

Noir Marmalade $25 JEWELIQ

jeweliq 2

Floral Fantasy $25 JEWELIQ

jeweliq 4

Limestone Links $25 JEWELIQ
This also comes in turquoise, tortoise-shell, and coral…

jeweliq 5

Ombre Cascade Gem Bib $25 JEWELIQ

Now let me show you how these little wonders may be worn:

statement 1

The wide striped top and paper-bag-waisted skirt makes a good backdrop for a statement necklace and goes from ho-hum to woo-hoo! A cocktail ring and simple bracelet finish the look.

statement 2

Notice how the design of the necklace mirrors the skirt pattern. Perfect…again with a cocktail ring and a simple watch.

statement 3

This floral design is similar to the one above. the necklace takes this t-shirt and white jeans combo from boring to interesting. Tuck your shirt into the front of the jeans (if you have a flat stomach) and put on a contrasting jacket in the same color tones as the shirt. Now you have an ensemble…

statement 4

You probably have these elements in your closet right now…you just need that necklace

statement 13

Here, they have put together two necklaces and it looks phenomenal…I don’ t recommend the bracelet to be worn at the same time because is aging and too matchy-matchy.

statement 7

The statement necklace ramps up this uber-sophisticated look.

statement 8

This large link necklace brings some importance to this great floral dress

statement 10

Seeing the difference between the looks shows how much of an improvement a statement necklace makes even on this simple outfit of the day.

I hope you get the vision of the difference a statement necklace can make in your own outfit of the day. Now go get your look on…


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