One Stop Wardrobe Shopping and Outfit of the Day

michael 1

Easy summer maxi dress and beach tote in navy, of course…check out  the newest maxi’s at

Michael Stars is Hollywood style for the average girl, like you and me. His tops have length so that we have some coverage where we like it. His new summer collection is so delightful, that I will take every piece and be set for the season. Go see…

michael 2

Another great top from

michael 3

Any woman who wears this maxi is going to look beautiful, no matter what her shape. Can’t you just picture yourself going for coffee with friends Saturday morning or even to your kid’s soccer game? Yes, you will be the most stunning girl there…

I recently did a wonderful post on Bermuda shorts but when I saw these,  I knew they should have been featured:

michael 4

Just look at that! These linen shorts look like seersucker which is so perfect for summer. They are shorter than Bermudas and can be rolled up higher if that looks good on your leg. Love the whole look… Find the shoes in a cutout flat, so trendy, at ModCloth Sale – Get these goodies while you still can!

michael 5

Easy peasy, these pieces elevate casual to a new pedestal…

michael 6

You could meet the parents in this delicious comfy combo…see why I love the daylights out of this collection? Drawstring linen pants and a cropped tee that is actually a v-neck. Comfy can be sexy, too…

michael 7

Stop it! Okay, nevermind, I’ll take all of it. Is that skirt up top just the ever lovin’ end? This Michael person really likes  making us look pretty…

michael 8

This dress lightly skims our curves yet give us soft curves. She’s wearing tan slip on sandals and so should we. You can add colored sandals but theat will be more casual if you are going for Find some adorable flat sandal choices here…Free Shipping on Any Order at with code AFSHIPFREE through 3/31!

michael 9

Another Michael Stars sampling. Here are the Bermudas in striped linen at a great length to play up your legs… All these pastel looks feature the tan sandal. They make your legs look longer…fashion note to self…Shop New Arrivals at!


michael 10

No, no, not for a minute have I forgotten you, my edgy sister. I have these shoes, By the way, and they are fabulous and easy to walk in(yes, I kinda still care about that).This girl is cute, her blog is cute, and Michael Stars is to blame…

michael 11

’nuff said…


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