10 Things We Need for spring: Part 2 of 3

Continuing with our spring preparations:

4. A light spring/summer scarf: If you love scarves as much as I do then you will be happy to know that there are lighter weight , cotton, silk, or blend of both, for spring and summer. A scarf can be as complimentary to any outfit as a necklace. Let’s look at some spring scarves:


This scarf is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. It’s a Tory Burch Design. There are several tutorials on how to get this treatment on the scarf of your choice. If I can’t find one like Blake’s, I’m doin’ this…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDQ-pqOd2G0
Photo source: http://gossipgirlstyleblog.onsugar.com/date/2011/7


Just leggings and a t-shirt elevated to an outfit by a great scarf. N0tice the nude ballet flats and act accordingly…
Photo source: http://gossipgirlstyleblog.onsugar.com/date/2011/7

scarf 9

Here is a different take on the Tory Burch style with crochet trim. I like this one as good as the T.B. scarf.   BeallsFlorida.com

scarf 10

Bright color blocked star patterns complement your neutrals. These colors near your face will light you up… BeallsFlorida.com

scarf 8

This Karen Kane scarf has a similar motif to the one Blake’s wearing. Add the pom poms or not, it’s still really nice. Shop KarenKane.com

5. Metallic Wedge Sandals: Metallic is nearly timeless and is considered a neutral so you’ll get a lot of mileage out of these. They make your legs look good, too.  Last year, Target had the cutest metallic wedges. I wish I’d bought them. alas, I didn’t, so, onward and upward my sister! Check these out:

metallic wedge 1

Chic and stylish, this wedge gives you height for your shorts, dresses, and maxi dresses…Nine West Women’s Dashall Wedge Sandal

metallic 1

These BCBG wedges are gorgeous. You might not think it, but the are comfortable.
BCBGeneration Women’s Qwill Wedge Sandal

metallic 5

This fabulous shoe has so much going for it. first it is metallic on a natural background. It is so versatile that it deserves a raise. If you have very short legs you may not be able to wear any kind of strap around the ankle because it cuts your leg off and shortens them further. But this shoe, because it is a neutral metallic, anyone can wear…Juicy Couture Women’s Rory Wedge Sandal

metallic 2

Elongating, sophisticated and warm weather ready, these wedges are another investment piece. Chinese Laundry Women’s Dig It Platform Sandal

metallic 3

Oh, Lilly, thank you for a shorter wedge that is still beautiful.
Lilly Pulitzer McKim High Wedge Silver Metallic Sandals

6. A Spring/Summer Bag: time to put away our heavy bags for lighter more whimsical choices. Any of these tempt?

bag 1

Ticking strip with tassel detail, Michael Stars know how to zhuzh up a summer tote…

bag 2

I am so gaga over neutrals and neon. The pink stripe on nude bag is so now and can take you anywhere you want to go, except the beach…JustFab.com Spring Sale: 2 Shoes for $39.95
bag 3 This is the best ever! The cut-out detail is so big for spring! this will go with so many summer outfits and will update anything you wear. A white purse is sometimes hard to pull-off but this one has a lot of moxy…JustFab.com Spring Sale: 2 Shoes for $39.95
bag 4 Surprise! this bag is leather but it looks so easy and soft that you could go to the open air market with it. this blue is one of Panetone’s colors of the year: Monaco blue. Banana Republic always has just the right style for whatever you need…

Banana Republic Women’s Sale

That’s all for today. How is your spring 2013 round-up coming along?  What’s new in your spring fashion this year?


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