Oscar Crush

As I watched the aftermath comments from the round of talk shows about the Oscars, I was stumped when the first of them asked, “who wore the worst gown?” I didn’t remember anyone I saw that night who didn’t look as good as possible. It made me smile to think that many stars and stylists got it so right. Let’s recap the trends of the Oscars, the best outfits of the day all year.  Polyvore has it covered…

oscars 1

Icy cool colors abound in this starry montage. Ann Hathaway in Prada was perfect as she always is. Jennifer Lawrence, wore a luscious whip of Dior. http://www.polyvore.com

If you are planning for an event and love this style, keep these fashion notes in mind: smokey eye with pale, nude lips, updo, keep jewels to one important piece. Who was your favorite? I am torn but choose Jessica Chastain . If you haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty, it is even better than her look on Oscar night.

oscars 3


The after party gowns deserve their own special Oscar category. Halle Berry’s nod to the Bond Girl in her Versace was on point, every gorgeous inch of her. I loved Naomi Watt’s Pucci. If you can’t take the Oscar, the next best thing is being the best dressed. Both her Armani and the Pucci gowns were Hollywood glamour perfection.



We’re used to seeing Jennifer Anniston in neutrals but she shined in a red Valentino. Like Halle Berry, her physical beauty needed nothing else in details to add to her loveliness. She was a stand out.

oscars 2

Reese Witherspoon had the best of the blue in this Louis Vuitton


oscars 5

Jennifer Hudson  knocked us out in blue sequined Cavalli.


Royal Blue played an enviable supporting role in Oscar fashion this year.

So who was the worst dressed? Snore, snore…Helena Bonham Carter. She consistently dresses in 18th Century homeless. This year her  Vivienne Westwood gown is better that most years. I just don’t get it…

I enjoyed the Oscars this year and watched the whole show. The old Hollywood music theme warmed me and I loved the dancing. I’m giving the 2013 Oscars a thumbs up…


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