Guess What I found?

We are just between winter weather and a gradual change to spring. There are graduations, ballets, cocktail parties, museum openings, charity events, the theatre, the business dinner, that need versatile outfits. What will you wear? Look and be amazed…

grad looks

Mix and match these jewel tones for a versatile collection of outfits in fickle weather. Blue shoes? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Click the bar below or just take this post with you when you shop for inspiration…

This scrumptious Ann Taylor petals dress makes your next occasion something to anticipate. The fresh shades of blue on white help shrug off winter’s heaviness. Add a cardi in one of the blue tones (not white if you can stop yourself) and again the blue shoes! Don’t say you won’t wear them with anything else because they are so hot with jeans, too.

ann 2

The pic above this one  shows this necklace with the dress, which might be the conservative girl’s “statement necklace” It also comes in a peachy tone. Adorbs!

ann 3

It’s not easy to get excited about navy and white but if you’ll notice the pink trim on the neck…a mere preview to the gorgeous pink zipper in the back. That’s what makes this pink textured shoe so right for the dress. It gives this look some ZHUZH!

What kind of guru would I be if I didn’t show you the shoes, too?

ann 4 ann 5

The royal blue also comes in that happy turquoise in the dress pic. Notice the kitten heel on the pink pumps? Comfy and pretty…if you go for that sort of thing. For shoes, click the link below:

Ann Taylor

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself, “If I can’t be chic, I refuse to get out of bed?” If so, then I prescribe the following:

banana 2

White on white, cool, clean, chic with a long silver necklace
Banana Republic 

Don’t fight it…orange you glad I found this gorgeous maxi? She’s topped with a link collar necklace but by all means put on an ethnic stack of bracelets and tie a scarf around your purse handle. If you need to warm up, carry a really large scarf that ties in to the orange or even an animal print one. Mmmhmmm…now go and glow!


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