Saturday Style

It goes without saying that denim is the weekend staple but there are so many ways to wear it. Unexpected ways about which only the most fashionable women know. For example, Olivia Palermo wearing denim like a princess:

denim 1

Holy cats! bet you didn’t expect that…

denim 2

Polka dot sweater over color blouse and a nice jacket…where could you not go in this?

But back to a lazy Saturday style:

denim 3

Grab this fresh spring  look from Gap and just put your own jacket over it, and you essentially have the look above – done and done. 

denim 4

        Every girl will look gorgeous in this tunic/dress…add your boots or see the links below. Please visit: for more pretty styling. Click this image to buy a similar tunic/dress.


What a freakin’ cute boot! Get it here…Shop ModCloth

The final look is easy stripes:

denim 5

Striped tee or sweater, colorful scarf, and booties…

boot 2

These are even cooler that the ones above and are only $34…click here.

So spin yourself a new denim look tomorrow and snap a pic of yourself. Upload it to the comments so we can get inspired from your cute outfit.







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