Lace Dressing into Spring

Lace was a big player in last season’s looks but it is also hot for spring. Both of these dresses are from JCP and the prices are very reasonable. The purple dress  has three-quarter sleeves and is so right for some of us who don’t care to flash any arm.  The blue lace wrap give a cap sleeve which is flattering to most arms. It also comes in a luscious gun metal gray and in black.

$30 at JCP|SearchResults|RICHREL&grView=&eventRootCatId=&currentTabCatId=&regId=

$90 at JCP

You can still wear these colors for weddings, date night, and evening special occasions.

Below, this flattering coral color will make any complexion look good.

$69.99 at Belk

$128 at Zappos from Jessica Simpson
great detail and color

This next dress is perfect for a tall woman since the waist detail might cut off a shorter woman. But it might also work on a slim petite.

$115 at Zappos

$108 at Zappos
love the lace sleeve and upper bodice,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42261806,d.eWU&fp=cd0d3b7248fb31eb&biw=1600&bih=732

$199 at Talbots
Gorgeous color and sheath shape

$158 at lane Bryant
With ruched bodice and lace seelves

Don’t put away your lace dresses and tops yet. You’ll be working those all over again this Spring. There is a lace dresss for every body type.  Most of these colors will pair best with nude stacked pumps unless you are tall, then use black if the dress has some black in it. One mistake we make too often is to have a pretty dress and put on any shoe we already own. Dont’ do it. Invest in the right shoe and you will be so gorgeous!



As always, click the image to find the source.


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