Cute Plus Size Outfits for Winter

I am a borderline Plus Size woman.  I sometimes  wear a Misses size 12 to 16 and other times a woman’s size 12 or 14. It’s annoying and I would be better off committing to a size range. But until I bust the border one way or the other, there is some wonderful plus size fashion out there. Here is a sampling:

Two ways to wear a gray cardi (note that color added to a neutral, like gray, really makes this pretty):


Here are a couple of ways to wear a dress. A dress works over leggings or tights and sometimes skinnies (you know when it isn’t working). Pay special attention to the belt and don’t say no before you try one in several styles:


Casual and comfy: 17plus 14



Dressing for a more special occasion or business day:

These looks, incidentally, mimic looks that thinner women wear.  When deciding what to wear, manipulate your thinking and don’t take a look literally. These cute outfits have a wide range from color to shape. Ask yourself: What do I have in my closet that is similar to this item? What one thing could I buy that would be a completer piece? What colors do I own that could replace the ones in the outfit? Which outfit helps me play up my best figure features? What pieces do I own that could layer together for a more interesting look? If you need some extra mentoring on putting together looks for you body type, check out my previous posts on body type and finding the right denim for you shape.

I hope these suggestions will move your thinking out of a fashion rut. As always, click the image to track back the looks to their source ans sometimes shopping links. Now get out there and chase some style!


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