Past Grammy Style: Fashion Appetizer for 2013 Grammys,,20670087_20566317,00.html#21119540

Gwynneth is perfect in Stella McCartney,,20670097,00.html

Evergreen, ever radiant, Faith in Valentino,,20670087_20566317,00.html#21113646

Gwen wearing her own L.A.M.B design in tie dye and leopard print gown,,20670087_20566317,00.html#21112708

Is it normal for a 19-year-old to have this much taste? Kaufmanfraco with patent leather straps,,20670087_20566317_21119540,00.html#21113659

Mary J Blige in Michael Kors, easy and elegant,,20670087_20566317,00.html#21119538

Adele, stunning in Georgio Armani,,20670087_20566317,00.html#21113641

Fergie, soft and sophisticated in Calvin Klein,,20670087_20566317,00.html#21113639

Selena Gomez shimmers in a J Mendel slip dress

Tune in Sunday, February 10, 2013 on CBS for the Grammys…


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