Cute Outfits of the Day: The Black Skirt, Pant, Jeans or Leggings

Here’s how I get dressed:

1. I choose one pair of bottoms: pants, skirt, leggings or jeans (or whatever is clean).

2. I build an outfit from there ,adding a top, a jacket/sweater, and some jewelry or a scarf, etc. A third piece distinguishes an outfit from just throwing something on.

That doesn’t mean that getting dressed is easy unless I just don’t care how I look (okay that sometimes happens but most of the time I do care). So here is the formula at a glimpse:

Moving on…outfit of the day casual black bottom inspirations:,r:12,s:0=is

Let’s deconstruct: the three tops are white t-shirts(get a quality tee) and the white shirt. Most of us have these in the closet. The three toppers are the grandpa sweater (I got mine at Target), the timeless leather jacket (you know you need this basic piece so either shop the thrift or breakdown and get one) and the pullover v-neck sweater. Do not be literal: you can use other colors but mimic the shape. You could start to build a scarf wardrobe  as long as you match it to the tops you have. No more random purchases because “Oh, I just love that (but I have no idea what to wear it with)”. Have a large link chain necklace in your jewelry collection because they are classic and they happen to be very on point for this  season.

Working women of the corporate world don’t have to wear clothes that look like they belong on a man anymore (unless you are going for the kitschy menswear thing). Here are options sure to delight:

Three easy pieces for three totally different looks. What’s going on here: a boatneck neutral sweater over a longer t-shirt over wide leg pants say” wow” to me. The black top, black pant, and white long coat get you that chic feel you want. Make sure that when you take off that great coat, that the top has some interesting detail, not plain. Put on some chunky jewelry or a stacked bracelet situation and “voila”. For the conservative woman, the last set adds interest to a business suit by adding a white jacket over the skirt and blouse and the little black dress. Notice the statement necklace – gorgeous. Camel or nude pumps will make your legs go on for days, ooh la la!

Yes, there are still ladies who lunch and not only the matronly type that plays bridge (though we love them). Bloggers who get out for a coffee with friends because they can do that whenever they darn well please or a mom meetup can take a different direction if they want to…

These outfit of the day sets feature basics that most women can wear. From the top, a striped t-shirt (get one if you don’t have one) under a long colorful coat with statement sunglasses and stacked bracelets are so sweet. The boucle jacket over skinnies with a  black long tank (probably viscose or something) make a smart, sophisticated lunch look with a cute clutch and statement necklace. The last look is for my conservative girls. The statement piece is the bow clutch but the polka-dotted top anchors the whole outfit. The red long button up sweater pulls it all together.

Hey now, I’m inspired and I hope you are, too.  Use the Fashion furmulas next time you dress and see how great you can look.

I know that body types will dictate how you use these ideas. If you need some guidance, please check out my “Body Type Dressng” posts. Hey, I’m lunching with the ladies today so I’m gonna get dressed…see ya on the street!

Remember that you can click any image to trace back the source. No images are origianl th the author.


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