Cute Stripe Outfits and a History Lesson

I never met a stripe I didn’t like so it freaked me out when I read the history of stripes. This classic pattern has its roots in the religious movement of some Carmelite monks who wore striped cloaks. The western Europeans saw them as evil and persecuted them. Their reaction had something to do with an association with an Asian or Middle-Eastern influence. Anywho, from that time on stripes had a very bad rap and were associated with all kind of social ills from hoodlums and deviants to prostitutes and jailbirds.  Of the devil, if you will. Seriously. As with all things forbidden, disgust  became piqued interest and, hence, their permanence in the world of fashion (Young, Kristen, The Fashion Statement: Stripes have a Checkered Past, July 23, 2009,  After drafted into use in the French Navy, Queen Victoria whimsically dressed her little son in nautical stripes for a boat launching and the trend spread like wildfire. When Coco Chanel was spotted later in history in wide leg pants and a striped shirt, stripes arrived on the fashion scene. So in homage to the humble yet sophisticated stripe, I offer these happy striped ensembles:

stripes 2

Stripes with bold blue


stripes 3

Stripes with mustard

stripes 4

Stripes with floral

stripes 1

Stripes with leopard

stripes 7

Stripes over pink skirt


Pink over striped skirt


the fab striped dress


the striped tank dress


khaki, black and stripes


black, blue, and stripes

There is a smart, chic stripe for everyone…






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