The Timeless Trench

If you don’t own a trenchcoat you are missing out on a reliable closet staple. The trench made its mark in fashion when Thomas Burberry invented a water-resistant fabric for the military in wartime 1879.  Since then the trench holds a permanent place in the fashion world. Now you can get a trench in so many styles and colors. It can be the focal point of some great outfits:

rainy day 5

Here is a modern take on The Burberry trench…

trench 4

The biker trench

rainy day 3

I love this yellow, gray and brown color combo…

trench 2

Denim leggings, black booties, and leopard scarf…and a trench

trench 3

…a veritable plethora of trench

This is a thrifted trench outfit…well done.

trench 5

So sweet…from a military solution to a fashion staple, the trench stands the test of time and style.


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