Denim: It’s a Science

Who knew that buying a pair of jeans had all kinds of implications? I didn’t for years until Oprah had a whole show about buying the right jeans for your body. If the devil is in the details, then no wonder that some of my jeans were just awful! So Let’s get into it…

Here is a startling example of how much difference of how the right details can flatter and the wrong ones are so dang wrong:

Denim 1

It is the same girl! Look at how the pocket detail changes and shows off her figure. The fit is different as well.

On the jeans below, the pocket details actually lift the rear on 7 For All Mankind Jeans but pull it down lower (gross) in Gap Original Fit.  7FAM jeans pull her shape together in all the right places.

denim 2

All the difference in the world…

One more example of pocket detail difference:

denim 3

Can it be this easy to look better in jeans?

We have probably seen our rears looking like this and maybe failed to just say no:

denim 4

Notice the wrinkles down the back of these jeans. Let’s not settle for that ever again.

The next look shows what happens to some stretch jeans when washed:

denim 5

There is only one thing to do here and that is to take them back. Good case for saving your receipts.

Have you suffered from “Long Butt”? It isn’t you, it’s the jeans! The next time you buy jeans, make sure the pocket detail begins just under your lower back. Check to see where the fit is tighter. It should hold you in at the most flattering points of you hips and legs. When in doubt, take a picture of yourself in the dressing room wearing the jeans. Have the sales girl hold the ones you think are the best. Go have a coffee or tea and  study the pics. You  will know right away which ones can go home with you. If you still can’t tell, send the pics to a friend and get her opinion. We can do this, people! Find your denim outfit inspiration here:

denim 20

Layering a lighter denim jacket over an asymmetrical top over wide leg jeans

denim 19

Longer layering over skinny jeans with a cowl scarf and boots…the scarf makes this outfit.

denim 21

Taking denim to a sophisticated level…the trench vest and jewels with pumps.

denim 22

Olivia Palermo working a chambray men’s style shirt under a boxy sweater with skinnies and flats.

Plus Size girls like me have some solvable issues, too.

denim 6

Yes, yes, yes…what a difference. We need to look as good as we can. Isn’t it great to know that there are a world of fashion tweaks we can make to flatter the plus size figure.

These photos were taken inside the dreaded dressing room and even in that heinous lighting, the right jeans look great!

denim 7

denim 8denim 9

Here are some of the prettiest plus size looks using denim:

denim 11

Colored capris, stacked pumps, and a jacket

denim 12

The peplum top is a pretty choice for these jeans then add nude heels for height.

denim 13

Mustard and dark denim are a perfect foil for this demin look. Again, nude heels are a staple for any woman’s closet.

denim 14

Mustard yellow again with a floral top adds lots of color

denim 15

Color blocking yellow and pink looks great for spring.

denim 16

A long sweater is a universal piece that slims and works with any skinny pant.

denim 17 denim 18

What do these women have that we don’t have? The clothes we can buy…they have confidence and self-respect. They thoughtfully crafted these outfits rather than settling for “just something to throw on”.  We can do that, too! Take these outfit inspirations and go to your closet. See how many pieces you have that might mimic the ones found here. Your closet becomes a treasure when you have the right inspiration.

No images are original to this author. Click image to find the source.


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