Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez on the “Parker” Movie Tour

I have been a fan of Jennifer Lopez for years. I don’t remember exactly when she made herself over from dancer to mogul, but her look is always flawless. I’ll go so far as to say that she is my favorite Hollywood beauty. I saw the following pics of her on the current tour and went bananas. Maybe you will, too.


Let’s start with her hair. Her blond ombre lowlights give her hair that classic color. Lopez’ hair has remained fairly the same fabulous color for as long as I’ve followed her. I like that. She cut it last year but hair extensions give her longer length when she wants it back.


Still the same:


She manages to keep her hair classic and trendy at the same time.

Her makeup wooed me way back when she cultivated the sculpted face. She and kim Kardashian have the same makeup artist (duh). I remember her dewy complexion and just the marvelous play of her features. It turns out that makeup artist, Scott Barnes, gave her the goddess look.


Scott  gives us a snapshot of how he does it on this YouTube video clip:

Scott’s book “About Face” can be found here:

Makeup artist to the stars, Lisa Eldridge, goes into full detail on this YouTube video about how to get that bronzed look for yourself:

Though JLo uses sunscreen religiously, she has that glowing tan. How does she do it? She uses Scott Barnes’ Beauty Bling. At $42.00 per tube, it’s pricey. Try St. Tropez’ Self Tanner for $30.00. I have no budget for expensive beauty products so I use:


On sale now for a mere $6.49, which helps if you use it daily. Click the image to get you right on over to the site…


Click here to purchase at the ridiculous price of $8.49.

I go for the darker ones because these tanners are very subtle as their color develops, plus I am only patient when I have to be so I want some quick results. Make sure you are all dry before you put on clothes. I have never had a problem with these products staining my clothes because I don’t put them on right away. Patience comes in handy in this phase.

Let’s deconstruct her looks:

The first pic on the left shows JLo in a black coat with fur collar, a nude leg, and statement shoes in blue-toned purple satin. I think I see a dress or top in the same color. She is carrying a printed clutch.

The center pic shows a casual look. I love these high top sneakers and , yes, I covet. She sports skinny jeans and a classic white t-shirt. Here is a casual take on the fur collar. Seriously, you can use this accessory in just about any outfit of the day. The plaid coat pulls it all together with a pop of color.

The last outfit on the right is black on black. Knee high leather boots, a black leather zip-front coat, and a black top underneath  gives this look a moto feel.

Here are the resources you might use to get these looks for yourself:

hightop sneaks

These high top wedge sneaks are the coolest way to rock a trend shoe in comfort. This takes you from slouchy to edgy casual. They come is some pretty cool colors, too. I’m wearing mine with wide leg jeans.

high top sneaks 3

They come in four other colors as well.

Check out these fun coats:

coat 1

From Macy’s – can you believe it was on sale for $17.99 this morning?!

coat 2

This Kenneth Cole trench comes in black and gray. The blue has sold out. The price is $119.00 down for $325.00!

fur collar

Forever 21 has this fur collar in black and wine. It was $7.80 and is now $3.99 – that is just unreal…

Jennifer Lopez, her choice in men notwithstanding, remains my top Hollywood beauty pick. Who is your favorite style icon? Leave a comment below and tell us how you style their best look.


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