Dress for Your Body Type: Plus Size Fierce, the Oval Body

This post is another installment of the Dress Your Body Type Series. If your body type is not represented here, then go to the categories and look for the previous two posts. Today we look at  the apple or oval plus size shape .

The Oval Shape:


The key to your best look is to de-emphasize your middle and play up your smaller proportions. The importance of a good bra cannot be overemphasized. The right bra can change your shape in subtle and pleasing ways. No, you can’t go by yourself and get this right. You owe it to yourself to go to a reputable lingerie department store and get measured. You have the best chance of getting a great (3 bras at least) bra. It is an investment that you deserve. Don’t forget to get yourself some slimwear to smooth out your figure. The skinniest movie stars wear them for this reason and so should you.

Whether you have a larger or smaller chest, you will look best in necklines that go lower: v-necked, scoop necked, cowl neck, and boat neck. If you have anything in your closet right now that has any other neckline, get a plastic bag and pack them up to give away. From now on you shop ONLY for those necklines. Now you have elongated your neck and framed your face.

Your tops can be wrap, mock wrap, front knots, ruching on the side and front. Tops with pattern and texture will flatter you most. The hem of the top should fall below the hip (your hip bone) and above the pelvic bone. In this case, longer is not better. A belt will actually make your waist look better so try one over your top.

banded top

banded-kimono-top This band hits the sweet spot and the v-neck and scoop neck gives you a longer line. Do not go out and buy 4 banded tops. You have more options…

A belt (stop that screaming and listen)  can add a wonderfully slimming quality. See:

oval-top-2-thumb oval-top-5-thumb

This is a good place to stop and remind you that the way you view your plus sized shape needs an update. Stop the hate…really, what are you getting out of that? I’ll tell you: you get stuck, and stale, and you waste good money on bad clothing choices. I will not charge for this therapy session but the next one…moving on.

No tapered pants. It took my adorable friend, Elisabeth, years to get her mom to stop with the baggy at the top and tapered at the bottom pants. They make us look like dumplings. Consider the trouser pant:

trouser pants

The line of these pants take the emphasis off the waist and smooths you all the way down.

trouser pant 2

Ashley Stewart

Try this shape with jeans as well:

trouser jeans

Two things: the line of these jeans is so clean and slimming and the high pocket details can lift a flat rear into a really pretty shape

trouser jeans 2

It’s fine to have an elastic waist as long as nobody sees that but you…

Dresses are so easy to wear and there are many good styles that you’ll feel pretty in…your legs are fine as long the hem of the dress is at the right place.

dress 1 dress 2

These sheath shapes are perfect as long as there is some stretch in the fabric. Now from the front:

dress 3 dress 4

Both necklines are scooped with a shorter statement necklace. The hem should land in a curvy place on your leg not the middle of the calf,  not over the knee. Notice the shoes because they rock these dresses and you can, too.

This post doesn’t cover all the oval, apple-shaped body type information you need but you could edit your closet right now with what’s here. If I have left out something you’d like to know about dressing the oval shape, please leave a comment below and I’ll get into it.

Accept yourself, love yourself, and dress in outfits that make you look as good as you can. Life is much better in Prettytown!


4 thoughts on “Dress for Your Body Type: Plus Size Fierce, the Oval Body

  1. More posts for apples please, this was most useful, as an apple with broad shoulders with ok legs my quest is to avoid the turnip look…

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