The Everyday Uniform

Uniform: Always the same, as in character or degree; unvarying.

Having a uniform for everyday living, not including work clothes, makes life simpler without sacrificing style. Does anyone remember when the “Multiples” clothing line was all the rage in the eighties? They came in lots of coordinating colors:

unitsunits 1

I loved these interchangeable, pretty, and comfortable clothes. I remember thinking how great it was  that I could throw a few coordinating items together and run out the door. Well, I’m not over that concept. Let’s look at some throw together looks that are interchangeable. Leggings and denim work so perfectly for the uniform idea.

units 2

Every top matches every pant. This gets you at least 7 outfits…yeay!

units 3

Same deal here, using scarves to make the outfits more important. All three tops interchangeable with all three pants.

units 4

I could proudly wear this uniform, worn here by Lauren Conrad, any and everyday.

The outfits below are the same theme in different takes:

units 5

Preppy casual…with any shirt and sweater combination

units 7

Olivia Palermo knows how to style the everyday look…basic and chic.

units 8

Though this was styled for a holiday shopping trip, it is so right for your daily rounds. Leggings are fab especially when worn with the proper top and upscale accessories!

Which style works best for you? Get on over to your closet and put your three outfits together. The next time you need to dress and dash, you will be ready! Click any image for more information and sourcing.


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