Basic Wardrobe Building

Something about the weeks after Christmas makes me want to purge, declutter and edit. This week it’s going to be my closet. I also got a question on what constitutes a basic wardrobe. A  simple question with many answers. One woman’s basic wardrobe is not everyone’s idea of basic. So today I’ll offer several starting points so that you might decide which one works for you as you build or edit your own closet.  You can click any image and find the original post or site for more information.

Olivia Palermo has assembled a basic casual wardrobe that is so luxurious.  She also has put together a delightful set of accessories for this group. If you want casual and fabulous, this is your guide.

The next group might work for a professional woman but not necessarily. It is definitely more classic with a neutral color palette.

For the prepster…

For a more casual daily capsule, consider this:

From casual to chic:

This one is a fun mix:

Well, there is your starting place. Choose the group that most reflects your style. Remember that anything you own that doesn’t fit must go. Those things make getting dressed harder because you have to sift through the useless pieces to find what you can use. Know what colors look best on you. Get rid of bad colors. Check shoes and bags out for wear and tear. Nothing messes up a great look like dowdy, old shoes or the wrong shoes for the outfit you are wearing. Replace things one at a time if you need to.  Finally, if you remember seeing yourself in a photo and you know the pieces of that outfit didn’t make you look as good as you know you do, discard them. Life is hard enough without meeting it looking like we don’t care about ourselves. If you are anything like me, when I know I look good, I forget all about myself and can really focus on others and my work.


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