Puddle Jumping in Cheerful Wellies

What is more cheerful than a good-looking pair of wellies on a rainy day? These staples of inclement weather have risen to new design heights. At an upscale gift store, I spied a pretty woman wearing black wellies with dark jeans, an apple green turtleneck sweater, and a black pea coat. She was adorable! Since then, I’ve scouted out some of the new wellies and ways make them a part of the day’s outfit…


I know! Quilted wellies make a style statement all on their own.


I have coveted these Burberry Wellies for years…classically perfect in any decade.


Oh, yes I did…how sweet are these? If you struggle with gloom on rainy days, this might per your best anti-gloom prescription.

Atlantci-Pacific Blog does justice to the rain boot like few others. See:


Where wouldn’t I wear this?


This girl is the Jackie O of rain boots!


Her juxtaposition of lime and pink is genius and so happy!


How sweet it is…


Wellies can be pricey but Walmart can hook you up for a mere $21.00

wellies 9

Nude wellies with jelly flowers..

Doesn’t this make you wish for rain?


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