Saturday Style

Hello, style lovers:

Before we get into the looks, I wanted to remind my sisters on the street that changing the way you dress can change the way you look at yourself and others. For me, when I know I look good, I tend to forget about myself and focus more on others. Hey, that’s the girl I really want to be. Some of you have told me that you feel stuck and less than. You are ready for a change. Before you can change anything about yourself, you have to love and accept the person you are right now. Remember the good things about her, give her some love, and dress her like you would your daughter…in something pretty. From a place of love and acceptance, there is no telling what kind of wonderful changes you’ll make in your wardrobe and your life. Here’s to loving transformation!


The weekend deserves its own wardrobe so in homage to ease, comfort, fun, and dates, here are some fine offerings for your hiatus…


So, anywho, how about brunch or lunch?

sat 1sat 3sat 4


Don’t you think Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend are the cutest? I got as caught up in the date thing as I did the outfit thing. All these looks are easy peasy. Now, if you are going out with the gal pals then you can go another direction. Every man knows that we women dress for other women.

sat 5

OMG, does this remind you of the eighties? I strongly adore this outfit.

sat 6

Oh, how I wish it were still Saturday!


sat 7

Gwen is so modern and so fresh…


Yes, to all of it and the top knot, too.

sat 9

What a shirt! Blue shoes with my jeans? Uh-huh..



…and so on.

The judicious use of the statement necklace with t-shirts and jeans ramps up your Saturday offerings with versatility and Hollywood style.

Remember to love the woman you are right now and she’ll do anything to please you!







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