Neon Brights: Let them Light up Your Look

The trend for neon color in clothing and accessories has been out as long as color blocking itself has. I like them both. When I first saw glimpses of neon on the fashion scene, I thought that there was no way I could use them. But, as usual, being wrong about something opens the door to something new and wonderful. If you are turned off by adding neon to your wardrobe, then gather your courage and your fashion sense and take a little tour of neon with me…

For the timid, try adding neon in some smaller accessories:


I wouldn’t start out using it more than once in an outfit as Chiara has done here. Maybe choose a smaller purse or go for the shoe accents. This girl is a fashion icon herself with her own line of Italian shoes. She can pull off anything!

Iphone covers are like earrings for your phone. why not add a pop of neon there:


This site has an Iphone case for every taste.

Flats are making big statements today. Dark denim makes the perfect foil for these brights. How about sunglasses or a thin belt?


Click this image to find more interesting ways to use neon.

Most of us don’t think of hot pink in neon terms but it is definitely is:

neon 5

These shoes are pretty much timeless in any color.

neon 9

Neon Party!

neon 6 neon 8

I’ve got a crush on  neon/neutral pairing:

neon 10

Neutral and neon…taking neon to a new level.

neon 11

Michael Kors

neon 12

This bag is from Charlotte Russe but they may be out of this style. Never mind…you can find these everywhere.

neon 13

Oh, my goodness…will you look at that!

Finally, let’s go for a neon outfit for the fashion forward:

neon 14

Eva Longoria mixes neutrals with tangerine in a very understated way. If Eva can, then we can…

neon 15

Darling Christy Brinkley gives us the perfect inspiration for brights.

neon 16

Neon flowy top and gray skinnies

neon 17

Hot pink topper

neon 18

She is a veritable vision in neon and neutral!

neon 19

This is a last season’s Gap neon pink crewneck dress with neutral shoes…simple, on point, and resort/vacay/summer ready.

I hope that these ideas will fire up  wardrobe imagination. If you have a pic of yourself wearing neon, please post it in the comments. There is so much neon and so little time!


5 thoughts on “Neon Brights: Let them Light up Your Look

  1. “Iphone covers are like earrings for your phone.” Greatest sentence I’ve ever read. Also, loved how you used a picture from PP and the J. Crew coat (that I’ve totally been coveting for a good month!).

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