Jazz it up with a Scarf!

If there is one new item that has changed the way I put outfits together it is the scarf. It took me a long time to consider using them. Now I have a scarf wardrobe. Today there are so many ways to wear scarves. Thankfully, there are some good resources to show us how. Let’s take a look…


Don’t get overwhelmed. Just choose one new way and work it until you get comfortable with it.

Wow. But some of us need specific instructions. Try these out…




A menu of delightful scarved (is that a word?)outfits for your reading pleasure…


A butterscotch scarf…delicious!


Plaid remix…


This blog is so much fun that you may need to bring a sack lunch when you go.


Prep style…


I have had a coral tie dye scarf that I love but have never used. Now I know how to wear it.


This site has some good looking tunic length tops and sweaters.


I don ‘t know why the classic Burberry plaid thrills me so. I have a knock off of one and this is how I’ll wear it.

Now get out there and rock your scarves!


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