Statement Necklaces

I was collecting fabulous things on Pinterest when I first spied the statement necklace. I hadn’t seen them in the stores here so I wistfully enjoyed seeing them on my favorite pins. But then…during a Christmas shopping spree, I found them! I was so drunk on statement necklaces that I immediately bought four for myself and two for my stylish daughter.

On a previous post I mentioned that when wearing a monochromatic ensemble, put the focus on dramatic accessories or accessories with interesting detail. One of the prettiest accessories is the statement necklace. Let’s see how that works in an outfit…but first, how do you know whether the neckline you are wearing will suit the necklace?


Charming Charlie provides this simple guide.


White is always a showcase for accessories but did you think you could wear the statement necklace over lace?

Here are two looks, only one of which is monochromatic. Take note of how well the piece works with a longer top, too…


Both outfits have high contrasting necklaces.


This is the NEW Peter Pan collar necklace. It is a great addition to any crew neckline or blouse. It even works over a t-shirt and dresses up anything.

Kim Kardashian pairs nude with a truly dramatic piece and pulls it off perfectly with a top knot..


So classic.

Lets move onto some two-tone looks…


This summer work-inspired outfit is from Kendi Everyday. She shows you how to style practically anything.

Notice the balance between colors here.


What cannot be done in black and white?


Neon is so now…it works with so many options like this…

Now let’s get creative. Check out these fun fashions…


I like the way she has her front shirt tail tucked into her skirt. This is a great way to hide figure issues.


Here is another way to tuck your shirt. Now tell the truth, did you even consider wearing your statement necklace over dots? Click the image to go to her blog. She is adorable.


If you are a prepster, this would be a great way to wear the necklace…


Hey, now…this looks so good for an afternoon summer gathering. Love!


Layered shirts and denim…dressy casual.

When I first saw these necklaces, I felt sure I couldn’t afford one. But Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Charming Charlie, Target are a few of the more mid priced stores who now have these great necklaces. I got mine for $12.50 each at Charlotte Russe.Image


How do you rock your statement necklace? Send a photo in your comment


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