How to Wear a Fur Vest

When Rachel Zoe previewed a fur vest from her 2011 Fall collection, both my daughter and I had to have one. So, for Christmas we each got a vest for the other. This year, she comes in town wearing it under a tan Forever 21 jacket and over a high low t-shirt with leggings. It was ah-mazing. I was jealous of her and I bought the thing! She, however, is the only other local person I’ve seen wearing one. After a fun search, I found a bunch of looks styling the fur vest…don’t forget to click the images for the original source.

fur vest 1

The uploader of this image didn’t leave a link but any vest over a short, patterned dress and leggings with boots will work well.

fur vest 2

I’m crazy for stripes so I ‘ll definitely wear this…by the by, this girl’s blog is so freakin’ cute you could go there and just get lost for an hour or so.

fur vest 3

“Hey, I’m hot and we both know that…” she said.

fur vest 5

Love , love, love the vest over the maxi dress.

fur vest 6

Olivia Palermo always wears it right. Notice the interesting shoes with her all black outfit. That is a style tip: if you go monochromatic, then add drama and interest with your accessories.

fur vest 7

Cute and casual…the fur vest is very versatile.

Now, where did I put that vest?


6 thoughts on “How to Wear a Fur Vest

  1. I don’t know, I love the fur vest trend. But I feel like its one of those things that looks good on every else but not myself lol

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