The Saturday Style

What is more delicious than waking up late, getting dressed and getting about the day? Whether you are running errands with a baby on your hip, meeting friends for lunch, volunteering at your favorite charity, or catching a movie with your best beau, whatever you wear needs to be comfy, pretty, and probably layered. It’s still cold here so let’s see what’s in the closet…

For running errands, with or without said baby, these easy outfits feel so right …




Brunch with friends…good conversation, news from your circle of friends, gettin’ to love on your favorite peeps is the the kind of date that lets you jazz up your outfit like these…





Doesn’t it feel like you have to wait all week just to get to enjoy your man for an afternoon? Why not put on something really cozy for that movie date or concert?







When you look at these outfits, try not to be so literal. Change their orange top to your favorite color top and work the look. Add some jewelry and change a boot or shoe. You probably have one or most of these looks in you own closet right now. So jump up and start styling yourself a beautiful Saturday!


For those interested in purchasing what is shown all image sources can be linked back to their origin by clicking on the image.



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