Tame Your Animal Prints

I remember seeing animal print for the first time. A TV female private detective was wearing a leopard print dress. Love at first spot! Not long after, I saw another star wearing leopard print shoes with a red dress. I swoon even now. We are seeing animal print in clothing and accessories everywhere but do we really know how to use it to our best advantage? Can it only be for dressy outfits? Settle down, my dear, get your coffee and let’s see… To know where these images came from, just click the picture. None of these images is original to this site.   For my conservative sisters who want to jazz up their look, this works well for work, meetings, or just for lunch…   animal print 1animal print 9   Did you know you can add animal print to brights? Note the statement necklace that gives this outfit some importance. Where could you not go wearing this? animal print 5 I’ll bet a lot of us got a leopard print purse for Christmas… animal rpint 2animal print 14animal print 12           Animal prints work well with  very casual denim and colored denim… animal print 6animal print 10animal print 3animal print 11     You may not have considered leopard print with white but it is very modern… animal print 8animal print 4   If you are half as excited as I am about animal print, you’ll be wearing yours in a fresh new way next time you get dressed!


2 thoughts on “Tame Your Animal Prints

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Check us out everyday for more great ways to wear your clothes.If you have a question about how to wear something or a fashion post you’d like to see, let me know.

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